Video Marketing

Exploring the Benefits to Facebook Video Advertising

At the early stages of injecting Facebook video ads into the Facebook ecosystem, many users were a little astonished at automatic playback of videos.

Gradually, business owners began to see this as a great opportunity to market their products and services. Facebook video ads not only provided an opportunity to target specific users but increase engagement significantly over text ads.

Videos can lead to a significant increase in retention, conversion, and ultimately provided a better way to promote new ideas, product or services in ways text ads did not.. 

Even with its host of benefits, setting up video ads on Facebook is not a daunting task for the beginner. The mere reading of of an instruction manual for posting is however, not the best option either, if this kind of ad is to work for your business. As with every goal or target, there should be a strategy to create lasting results.

Now, here’s the question. Who can benefit from Facebook Video ads?

A simple answer is EVERYONE. Facebook video ads provides an opportunity for both small and large business owners to reach target audiences with their product or service. It only requires an upload, budget set-up and a promotion. So if Facebook video ads are not being utilized in your business, there is a lot of missing out going on. 

Traditional text display ads require setting up elements or ad components to meet specific/target audiences. This set up has to be adjusted to suit your need from time to time to be effective. The same has to be done with your video ad, but the conversion rate of video ads is a whole lot better when users engage.  Facebook video ads give any business the opportunity of maximizing its return on investment, because once engaged, users get more than a glance at your company, they watch a story.

The Auto Play Feature

The introduction of the auto-play feature added a new tone to ads that were published. More compelling and conspicuous graphics and visuals drew attention more easily than before.  

Imagine scrolling down through your news feed and coming across an auto playing video. If done right this is a real attention grabber. Facebook does auto play on purpose to ensure your content get the attention they deserve.

So what are the costs?

The cost of running Facebook video ads has been designed to favor every business. Facebook offers a budget option where you can set your limit so that your ads reach your target audience till the limit you have set is reached. Ads can be paused and you can edit your videos to create more conversions.  The determining factor of whether your video ads will convert rests on the power of your imagination.

Just like the old saying ‘first impression matter’, so when it comes to creating video ads, it is important that the first few seconds are crafted to show the best you have to offer. Test and use the right visuals and guarantee yourself higher conversions.

Visit and discover the benefits for yourself and your organization.