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Because we handle the technical stuff you can focus on your message. Also, with our Studio Live Stream, you can relax and participate as we record your videos to camera. 

  • You benefit from our same day video uploads.
  •  You’ll love our 4k video quality (see sample).
  •  With our presenters, your job is made much easier.

Because we handle the technical stuff you can focus on your message. Also, with our Studio Live Stream, you can relax and participate as we record your videos to camera. 

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Steven W.

Leslie N.

Chris H.

Chris H.

Art E.

Marlyn S.

Chad N.

Brian A.

Kimberly W.


Brittany C.

Tracy M.

Ana R.

Colleen C.

Akilah P.

Mike R.

Judy R.

Presa H.

Christina E.

Carlton S.

John P.

Jane R.

Jodi D.

Elaina M.

Green screen production is a necessary process when compositing for your clients. But finding the right talent, going to the studio, and spending hours getting the right takes can sometimes slow down your production efficiency. We can help take the burden out of your day by doing all this for you. 

Green screen recording is made simple by just sending us a script.

We have a wide array of talented actors who work full time doing on camera work. We can also custom audition for you to find suitable options not available on this page. Need to use company wardrobe or props? We can accommodate that too.

Chris did such a good job. Tell him thank you. Your videos are always of such good quality every single time.
Vince Arnold
Vmags Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common answers to our client questions

For a custom quote call us a 1-888-8402 , or email us at help@greenscreen-video.com with a copy of your script and actor request.

We have kept it very simple and straightforward. We price our videos according to length, and all you need to do is email us a script and pick an actor. Most of the time we discuss actor selection over the phone, as we can make suggestions based on your company and demographic needs.

We work with local talent either directly or via agency, so we can obtain any number of actor selections for your review. On this site we have shown our top picks who work frequently in our studio, but if you’d like to see more options, just give us a call. 

Just mail us company attire or any prop you need to have included in the video. This can be included at no extra charge in most cases. Custom props that need demonstration may incur an extra cost due to the nature of the video shoot.

We upload most footage to dropbox for same day download. 4k footage can be rather large in size, so if we feel your project length exceeds standard upload times we may suggest overnight delivery on hard drive.

For larger projects, or when dealing with an agency, we can do a live feed directly from the camera point of view. There is a half second delay, but this allows real time directing of your shoot from the comfort of your own office.

When dealing with green screen footage it’s very important that you work with the highest quality source material possible. Recording in 4k these days is a must. Even and balanced lighting on the green screen canvas is a must. Good subject lighting and strong studio grade audio is also a must for good results.

We have had great feedback from our clients and our critics alike. Compositors and editors love the quality we provide, and working with us during the production process is a great experience for all involved.

It is easy to hire a low cost video from sources such as Fiverr, but ultimately how professional do you want your end result to be? When you spend countless hours marketing your brand, it is our experience that better is always better. 

An impression come across in everything you attach to your brand, and smart companies make sure their number one marketing tool (their video) is the best it can be.

That is why they choose us.