Video Marketing

Exploring the Benefits to LinkedIn Video Advertising

When it comes to making videos, the advent of high definition cameras in smartphones has really lowered the expense of creating content. The making of videos is not a problem for most, but getting it in front of the right audience, who is left captivated and engaged, this is the pressing issue. Video ads have proven itself time and time again, but with so many sites and avenues for distribution, where does one begin?

So when you think of digital advertising or internet marketing what first come to mind? Usually Google ads or a Facebook ad campaign is what people say. This is understandable, as these companies are built on hundreds of millions of users.

But at one time or the other, you may have received an invite to LinkeIn, and found that many of your colleagues are already on board. So why wouldn’t you advertise there? The answer … many already do.

LinkedIn video ads represent their newest opportunity to reach specific business audiences on a whole new level. As you may well know, LinkedIn is not the average social network. These are business owners, employees and industry professionals looking for the edge forward.

Let’s get clear on this question – is LinkedIn advertising for everyone?

The simple answer to that question is no. LinkedIn provides an atmosphere for business professionals to interact and to get in tune with industry news and events. So in general LinkedIn is more geared towards B2B companies, but that’s not to say you can’t find success selling consumer items, as after all they are still real people with real needs. But as a general rule, LinkedIn video works best when marketing other business services.

Like most social platforms, advertising on LinkedIn follows a number of simple and necessary processes. The introduction of video ads on the platform has helped businesses target various audiences in a way more interactive and engaging way. Like Facebook and Instagram there is muted auto play, so a 3-4 second story can easily be started with visuals as a user scrolls their screen.

What are the major benefits of video ads on LinkedIn?

The platform registers more than two new users per second, and has over 260 million active users per month. This creates an incredible opportunity to find the audience you need.

Do you offer a B2B product or service you want to launch? LinkedIn provides a platform where you can successfully market your service to the right customers and get the quality leads. 

Any form of ad can be placed within the LinkedIn interface, and LinkedIn offers up to 9 different advertising styles that are unique from one another, and you can start advertising with a minimum daily budget of just $2 .

Though LinkedIn may not be the highest lead generating platform, you can be assured of the quality of the leads you get, if you recognize the audience.

With video ads you can focus on the exact audience that need in the most engaging way possible. 

Check out their website and start marketing.